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Grexit: every man for themselves.

June 17, 2015
Best of a bad bunch?

Best of a bad bunch?

Britain is now stepping up its preparations for ‘Grexit’ following a stark warning from the Bank of Greece.
(or pretending it hasn’t been doing this for years anyway…)
The Athens stock market has stooped to its lowest since before September 2012 and Alexis Tsipras is looking weaker than ever. You gotta admire a man who fights for something he believes in.

What happens now?

There are 2 main options being touted around by various economists, politicians and the regular man propping up the bar.

Grexit becomes a reality. Already described as something which would make Greece in to a poor country of the European South the future is looking bleak.

Negotiations.  Because we haven’t had enough…

The serious economic risks that now face the European Union are enormous and the exit of Greece should not be taken lightly. Its the first crack in the framework that highlights so many of the problems that years of hard work have been trying to cover.
The people – what do they do? Although the rest of the European Union will be hit financially, no-one will feel the affects of an exit more than the Greek people. When do things improve for them?

Whatever happens, there is no doubt it will be bad. The best of a bad bunch perhaps?

As stressed by the Chancellor of Austria, Werner Faymann solidarity is important. He also added, “I stand on the side of the Greek people who in this difficult position are being proposed more things detrimental to society.”

I also stand on the side of the Greek people. How can we expect people to make decisions which only make things worse and worse for their country?

Whatever decision is made one thing is certain – the EU is not ready for this.

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