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She went there… again and again and again.

May 29, 2015

The House of Commons has always been a location for political grandstanding, lots of words with no meaning and a great deal of pomp. Often it can be painful to watch and rather pointless.

However. *enter the Yvette Cooper of today*  The Shadow Home Sec. was on fire today. She admitted that she would have preferred to be on the Government benches and in Theresa May’s shoes…and not just because they are cool shoes. Yvette you witty thing. 

To take things further she said at least one of them admits they are running for leader of their party. Oh burn. Cameron has admitted he will not run for another term meaning top Tory figures such as Boris ‘goldilocks’ Johnson and Georgey Osborne are circling. Add firecracker May to the mix and that will be one interesting leadership election.

Not everyone however agrees that May is a ‘firecracker’ as frequently acknowledged by some of her colleagues. Most notably, Michael Gove, who she will now have to work with more closely due to his appointment as Justice Secretary. AND OF COURSE good ol’ Yvettte fired this awkward shot – almost like she wanted to make it awkward…

For full coverage and the live recording of this click here.

Today we witnessed Yvette Cooper coming out strong, focused, elaborate and hilariously on point.

She should start doing stand-up.

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