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All’s fair in love and the EU

May 28, 2015

Headlines across England today all ring true with the same raging warnings – ‘THE UK WILL LEAVE THE EU IF IT DOES NOT GET ITS OWN WAY’.

The relationship has gotten to this. Numerous supporters of a newly single UK are telling the public not to be scared of ‘Brexit’. Will the UK emerge without needing a re-bound relationship, several tubs of ice cream and severe counselling? Time will tell…
Lets be Frank (whoever he even was anyway) it is a good thing that David Cameron is making the effort to visit other European Leaders and trying to negotiate a deal for a country he supposedly loves. But he is just pushing the other side away?

The changes he wants to include are – stopping EU migrants claiming in-work benefits for 4 years, get the UK can opt out from an ever closer union and stopping more changes to the single market for countries outside of the euro zone. Not to mention allowing countries to group together to stop legislative proposals. A far stretch from just asking for the toilet seat to be put down…

Wanting change is good. Starting a conversation is good. But last time I checked no-one ever got anything that wanted by demanding change with a threat to leave. Desperation has never been attractive. 

I disagree with leaving the EU. I disagree with having this referendum so early. But I really disagree to being made to feel ashamed of my country. This insistence of acting like a child and demanding whatever ‘we’ want will not work. And then what? We sleepwalk out of the EU…?

Maybe the UK would emerge; glowing, a new lease of life, completely independent and loving single life. But the alternative? – the lives of millions are jeopardized over pride and pigheadedness? No thank you matey.

Being in Austria over the elections and now is a relief and a frustration. I read the news and despair. What on earth is happening and why do people think it is acceptable? No Human Rights Act, Snoopers Charter, Right to Buy (don’t even get me started) AND the referendum on Europe. I have clearly missed the memo that said UK citizens are no longer allowed civil liberties.

I urge everyone in the UK to not only look at the direction we are being taken in. But look at the manner in which our representatives are attempting to do it.

Even if there are no winners and losers in a break-up; its clear that the UK is the cause.

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