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I am now a resident of Vienna

August 4, 2014

For someone who considers themselves rather organised. I moved to Vienna yesterday and I feel so organised and entirely and wholly unprepared. As my language skills improve and I meet new people I imagine I’ll start to feel like I’ve made myself a new home; but for now I feel out of place, alone and frankly a little afraid.

My blog is usually about politics and law so I suspect many of my readers are wondering why I have gone so off tangent. I want to learn about Austrian politics and the history so I figured you should all get some background to why I am doing this. I am still avidly reading the English news – I’m already missing the BBC news channels!

Moving to a different country is difficult and I have a great deal of respect for anyone that does this in the search for a new life, a better life or an adventure. Something that now strikes me as odd is the emphasis on immigrants, foreigners not integrating socially into new places and sticking only with those from the same place as them. I completely understand why.

Moving is scary. It’s shrouded in high expectations, excitement and dreams. The reality can be very different. If then, you do not speak the language the task of meeting people and ‘getting involved’ is heightened only further. It’s up to the people already there and the new entrant to make as much effort as they can.

So today, I will try to meet people, keep a smile on my face at all times and remember that I am in one of the most beautiful cities in the world that needs to be made the most of!

Wish me luck!

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