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European Commission – coming over ‘ere, taking our jobs.

June 3, 2014

Raise tax. Build more. Adjust help to buy.

The European Commission just can’t respect the wishes of the euro skeptics and has butted in once again. Anyone would think it’s their job…

But clearly it isn’t their place to make recommendations (that a large majority of people actually agree with) on the UK economy, they should be focusing on other things…like europe…ya know…the thing that we might be part of that the Commission oversees…

The European Commission and Mr Jose Barraso must certainly be quaking in their boots (most probably fancy boots) with the anger being directed at them. They are unelected, undemocratic and stoutly telling the UK how to spend its money. Who do these people think they are! The cheek of it…

Economists across the country are debating whether help to buy should be rolled back whilst figures about how many people it has helped and bounded between newspapers. People need homes. No one debates that. Our tax system is not progressive. Some people will debate that.

There is a bigger picture here. We are just emerging from a national recession. Part of our recovery has been dependent on jobs, on trade (exports) and investment. I am no expert in economics but it doesn’t take a genius to work out that some of our recovery can be attributed to being a member of the EU.

But what do I know? The European Commission is probably here to take the jobs of our national economists, politicians and anyone else who has a job. Pesky Europeans*.

*(excluding the British because they are distinctly different, didn’t you know?)

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