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Don’t let the right wing eurosceptics win

May 29, 2014

When the European Commission asks for 4.73 billion euros (extra) for 2014 to cover the crisis in Ukraine and to help with job schemes across Europe do we say aye or nay? 

The UK treasury has said defiantly that no extra money will go to Europe. You get the impression the request would have been taken more seriously if the money was for handbags for Jose Barroso’s Grandmother.  Apparently the UK had already agreed that extra funding was needed for Ukraine and despite the fact that a seven year budget was negotiated last year this increase should not be a surprise to the UK.

Whether the European Commission can manage it’s budget on existing funds could be bounded around. Figures being launched from left to right, then comments on the bureaucracy, then arguments on being too big, money not being managed, not enough transparency…the conversation just spirals on…

The problem the UK Government has at the moment is that if it gives more money to the commission, they are accused of playing up to the wants of Europe and the right wing will use this as ammunition. If it does not give any more money, it looks they are taking a strong stance; a strong stance regardless of whether its the right decision or not.

What worries me the most is the constant opposition; like always rejecting something just because of its bad reputation.

The UK needs to work on educating people about Europe, about what it does and how it does it. Yes there is a democratic deficit but there are reasons for this. Education takes years but it would at least encourage more than 35% of the population to vote.

Democracy doesn’t dictate who you should vote for; it provides the opportunity for you to vote and democracy doesn’t care who you vote for. The UK has a problem. A deep rooted problem. With politicians. With the media. With Europe. It won’t be solved over night. But shooting everything down that the commission now suggests or stalling everything it tries to do won’t solve the problem.  



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