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Should we be worrying about UKIP’s Success?

May 26, 2014

Alex Rodrigues

A wave of right-winged euroscepticism has began to sweep across europe this week, as the results of the European elections were announced. UKIP did especially well this year, which really shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone who owns a television. UKIP’s success was down to a few indispensable circumstances. Firstly, it’s been obvious that the British public haven’t been happy with the government since early Blair days; Brown was a failure, the fresh faces of Cameron and Clegg fell short of their mark and now people are not happy.

UKIP offer an alternative, a ‘fuck you’ to the system. Farage claims they are a new ‘anti-establishment outsider’ party with promises of independence, a stronger Britain, and politicians that connect with the people. Instead what he can deliver is Privately educated Oxbridge students with clear homophobic views and xenophobic policies. They are Thatcherites, and nobody can deny that.

However, it’s not only their…

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