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UK GCSEs replaced and made tougher

September 17, 2012
English: Michael Gove speaking at the Conserva...

English: Michael Gove speaking at the Conservative Party “Big Society” policy launch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GCSEs have gone through rigorous complaints from they are too easy to not broad enough.
And today Michael Goves’ announcement that they will be replaced by the ‘English Baccalaureate Certificate’ has not given me any confidence that this will improve our education service.

One of the main changes in my opinion is that for main subjects modular exams will become a thing of the past and there will be one end of year exam. I for one, think that this is a terrible idea.

Although many people say school is easier than it used to be – this is subjective. For many students, some of whom have been bullied or who have a difficult home life modular exams are difficult enough – if a child doesn’t have a good memory their chances may be limited for those who don’t get the help or support they need.

Instead of one exam why not just make modular ones about interpretation of facts as well as memorized facts?

There will also become one exam board which I guess gets rid of the wanting to make profit motive so exam boards make exams easier…

These changes will be introduced from 2015 and the first students to take them will do in 2017. I think its a bad idea, but what do I know, I spend ages looking for my glasses when they are on my head the whole time!

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