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The economist magazine – need or nuisance?

September 16, 2012
Economist: Paulson Wants Your Money

Economist: Paulson Wants Your Money (Photo credit:

Yesterday I got a leaflet through my door which told me if I rung up I would get one free copy of the economist and if I rang before the 2nd October a free memory stick. I like the economist but I don’t buy it every month so initially I thought woo, free stuff!

After dinner, I then thought I’ll ring Monday morning just after I’ve rung the energy people but then it all got too much for me. I began to realise that if I rang, the person on the other end of the phone would want to keep me there for what would seem a lifetime trying to sell me a subscription.

This thought put me right off.

So I decided to think of reasons why I don’t want a subscription.

1. I’ve never read the magazine before and want to try it out.
3. I might die soon, it would be pointless.
4.My postman steals subscriptions – he has a fetish.

And then the actual truth that I wouldn’t say – I like reading it sometimes, but when I’m in the mood for it which is usually around every other month.  If I started getting it through the door I would feel compelled to read it and then it would just annoy me to the point it would feel like a chore and become a nuisance.

But then I thought should I be reading the economist every month? It would certainly enrich my knowledge of economics, business and politics which I am always keen to do.

And maybe, just maybe they wont try to sell me a subscription….Who am I kidding – of course they will, I’ll just have to be ninja fast – get in, state what I want and get out as fast as I possible can.

So, I’m ringing up tomorrow, I’m cynical about ringing but I want the free magazine, this offer is tempting and these people know this! The ball is in my court but as soon as I dial I need to summon all the effort and will power inside me to say ‘NO SUBSCRIPTION, SOMETIMES YOUR MAGAZINE GIVES ME A HEADACHE AND MAKES ME FEEL DUMB!’

Darn the clever clever person who came up with this enticing tactic!

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