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Men arrested for hiding small primates in their underwear

September 12, 2012
English: Gray slender loris (Loris lydekkerian...

English: Gray slender loris (Loris lydekkerianus) photographed at Dindigal in Tamil Nadu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two ‘loris’ were found at a Delhi airport inside the underwear of two men who were trying to smuggle them to Dubai. Officials found the primates when being frisked it was apparent there was an abnormal ‘bulge’ in one of the mens downstairs regions.

When I read this I found it rather funny, the lengths some people will go to really is ridiculous.

Apparently the condition of the lorises is ok but deteriorating.

Despite warns of them becoming extinct, many people are keeping them as exotic pets. Conservationists say poachers pull out their teeth – as the primates have a toxic bite – with pliers, making it impossible for them to return to the wild.

Cases like this are really sad, animals shouldnt be abused in this way, although if you asked me to give up bacon I’d probably struggle!

So here we are at the crossroad between how conservationist should we be? If we say we shouldn’t harm or keep certain animals as pets, what about the rest?

I am not an anthropologist, but neither am I an eco-centric.

I care about these animals but somehow not enough to do something. I might sign a petition saying stop this stop that or I openly condemn animals in zoos or leoperd print bags, but what am I really changing?


We will never get the balance between animals and humans right – there will always be somebody there to exploit or disturb it but the very least we can do is learn to respect animals – think about their interests and how our actions affect them.

And I need to figure out a way of doing something that doesn’t involve sitting at a computer reading articles!

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