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Sports sports…I prefer a good ol’ book!

August 9, 2012
Primary school children, sports day by Anthea ...

Primary school children, sports day by Anthea Sieveking , Wellcome Images (Photo credit: dullhunk)

With the Olympics everywhere and after reading this article –
its official, everybody agrees that more children need to do more sport at a better level with better equipment and more funding. At the same time it needs to be fun.

I completely agree.

But I think part of this needs to look at the way sports are taught in schools. When I was at school I didn’t dislike any sports but I didnt particularly like any. I wasn’t bad at any, neither was I a child protege.

I hated P.E. Everything about it on reflection just wasn’t fun. In each class there was always that few selected kids who got picked first for everything, best at everything, yadda yadda yadda. But I just didnt enjoy it.

And like many children there is a fear of being bad at something and being embarrassed in front of peers. From an early age children need to be taught that winning isnt everything and that its ok to be bad at some things.

For example not all body types are going to excel at something like long distant running!
I was defiantly more suited to long essays in English Literature.

So with an emphasis on sport in this country right now, as important as it is, I give a shout out to those who the prospect of having more sport shoved down their throat is a living nightmare!

Now back to my book which contains no talk of sport, the Olympics (although I am rather enjoying it) ooo or people telling me to enjoy more sport.

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