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Council Conundrum

July 17, 2012

Council housing in Holland could not be more different to the council houses Ive seen in England!

Im currently staying with friends in a place called Zoetermeer (a short drive from Rotterdam) and the council houses are amazing! The architecture is awesome and they are so modern and spacious. When I first entered the house im in I said oh my this is beautiful and my friend laughed and said ‘oh this is only small’!

When I explained that in England we have overcrowding and most of the houses are just square I was met with confused faces. But its clear that we Brits value functionality over design.

In Holland government housing works like this – the more you earn, the more you pay towards it. And it seems to be a far better system than the one we have.

Sadly, England doesn’t have the space or the money to work for these kinds of projects. Zoetermeer is a broadly new town. They just decided to build it. Everything is brand new here and it is incredible!

I have to go now however I’m going to edit this post tomorrow and add photos!


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  1. author permalink
    September 16, 2012 4:42 pm

    You have to wonder if the UK’s infrastructure can support any more. I think at the moment its a “space management” issue, the current strategy seems to be throw the less fortunate in society into one area and keep them there, i dont think thats viable in the long run.

    • September 17, 2012 9:42 am

      I agree, also, areas that are deprived of investment like the North-East have space. But infrastructure money tends to be focused in the South East and West because those are places which are described as more desirable to live and work. However, if no-one invests in the other places how will they become desirable?

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