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Tug of war of left and right

July 14, 2012

Ed Miliband today addressed the Durham mining gala; this making him the first labour leader to do so since Neil Kinnock.

John Smith, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown broke away from this tradition in 1989. This firmly established New Labour as a break away from the politics of the left which at the time seemed so troublesome and riddled with problems (not to say that the right didn’t have their fair share!).

‘Red Ed’ was today attacked by Baroness Warsi (Conservative part co-chairman) for cosying up to the militant leftys’ and pulling labour away from the centre back into the wilderness.


One point.

If Ed was cosying up to those on the hard left, so? Is it any different to Cameron hinting at an EU referendum to keep his Thatcherites happy? Or being Bosom buddies with Lord Ashcroft? I do agree that if labour moved back to the way it was in 1979 it would be disastrous, though I do not think there is a danger of that.

Following the 50p tax cut and the general public feeling that the poorest and weakest in society are being left behind, is moving a little to the left the worst thing that could happen?

In my opinion we need a focus on growth.


Cuts, yes, but slow the pace.

Consumer confidence needs to be restored.

And I would rather that Ed Miliband provided an alternative to the electorate in 2015 instead of the same of the same. However I have to admit I have had many ‘they are all the bloody same’ rants!

But we look at ideology, words and often the details in actions and we do see that they are different! Sometimes you just have to look super super closely. . . . I’m going off point and will start a discussion with myself so I’ll leave this topic!

Durham Gala. Celebrating the best of the North-East and showing the people that those not just on the left, but those that currently feel alienated have someone that believes in them and who wants to represent them  (even if he wants votes but sshhh I didnt say that).

Those on the left are a part of society as are those on the far right, here we need to apply the big tent theory – each party needs to get as many people from the political spectrum in their tent. The more diverse a tent becomes then hopefully the policies which come from it will be more fruitful and representative.

Ed Miliband is being pragmatic and not putting all his eggs in one basket. Labour may have moved more to the left since 2010 however, it could be argued that this is what the country needs.

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