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House of the possibly elected Lords vs THE ECONOMY

July 12, 2012

The House of Lords reform plans are going nowhere. Not only is there opposition in the Lords and the Commons, the public are not behind this in the slightest!

Politics can often be a sticky issue which some people love to stir up however I doubt that over dinner on a Sunday evening the topic of lords reform has come up. I imagine daily that the recession, tax cuts, cuts to the police, changes to pensions etc come up regularly amongst the general public but lords reform?

Is it that big an issue? Is it important enough for the amount of Commons time it will and has already taken up?

My personal opinion is that reform of the Lords is crucial and vital! However I don’t think there has been enough open discussion of the options of reform.

In May last year I wrote this And I still believe that making the Lords elected not appointed is flawed.

Yes, it’s a important issue but now the focus should be on getting banks lending to small businesses, stimulating growth and tackling underlying social problems.

The office for budget responsibility has today said that the UK needs extra spending cuts in the future or public debt will continue to spiral out of control. Many people are wondering how? Everyone is feeling the squeeze and although the situation could be much worse it also could be much better. In the beginning Cameron and Osborne appeared quite confident and competent however the media, public and their own backbenchers are pleading for change.

So please, please, please Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron drop this talk of Lords Reform for now until we are more economically competent and people don’t flinch when the latest growth figures are released.

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