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To be or not to be is the question I’m faced with

February 15, 2012

Wherever you are in the world,  if you mention which political party or activist group you belong to,  automatically the person you are talking has a pre-created  moulded view of you.  It is no different for me, except I dont belong anywhere.

Four years ago, I knew very little about politics, and probably knew very little about life. To me, there was the rich and then there was the poor and this was how political parties were split. It could be argued that this is still the way that it is now, but I strongly disagree. When I began to read the news and was taught all the different ideologies, I realised that there are so many overlaps and so many distinctions that the ordinary man does not notice. Behind every policy there is either ideology or pragmatism.

When people ask me which party to I belong to,  I have to say I havent decided. It pains me because I wish that there was a clear-cut party that I belonged to. But growing up politics was never mentioned, no one in my family even voted, no one watched the news and I can only remember politics being mentioned twice at school – the first – the Prime Ministers reaction to 9/11 and the second – Boris Johnson riding around London on a bike. It wasnt the best political start.

I’ve tried to make my mind up, but I just can’t seem to. For me, this is like choosing a new pair of shoes on a budget, you could wait another week and save more (or in this case gain more knowledge), but you feel you need the shoes now! My friend suggested joining a party, doing activist work for them and seeing how it goes and if it doesn’t feel right – simply switch. So…it is just like getting a new pair of shoes…

I know one thing, I am a liberal. I believe in freedom, diversity and tolerance. But each party has aspects of liberalism.

Joining a party isn’t going to change my life massively, but its something I want to do, and preferably before im sixty! (40 years to decide is long enough right?) I want to have the chance to canvass and go to political conferences and it angers me that I can’t. I would like to contribute and pay money to a leader and a party that I believe strongly in!

I might go away and make a massive poster of what each party stands for and then pick the one that the majority of points apply to me, or I could continue going around, opposing whatever party the person opposite me is advocating for simply for an interesting debate.

I think the latter may win.



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