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BNP, when will you learn?

October 30, 2011
Banner associated with the British National Party.

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British National party members gathered at the wavertree venue in Liverpool for their annual party conference. Untill today there had been little detail on where the conference was being held to prevent any trouble. Luckily as soon as people knew where it was, they protested!

The protesters shouted ‘racists’ and ‘facists’ to arriving  party members and even Liverpools city council leader joe anderson said ‘(The BNP] don’t speak on behalf of any significant number of people in the city. Every time the BNP stands here they are resoundingly beaten. Their negative, destructive policies are not wanted here’

Despite this and poor results in Mays local elections, Nick Griffin maintained that his party is doing better than ever and is more popular than ever before. Somehow I highly doubt this. Following some ‘rough patches’ Nick Griffin is under the illusion that the BNP can bounce back . . .

How have they not realised that they are not what the country wants. People may want tighter immigration laws but they dont want ‘muslims out’ and they dont want Nick Griffin and his bafoons in parliament.

Nick Griffin when will you learn!


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