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Glamour darling, Glamour is the answer

October 11, 2011
A high-heeled ladies shoe.

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Fashion guru Mary Portas has declared that the females inside of the cabinet office need a makeover…
Kind of facing bigger issues in politics now, but we’ll pretend this is a major issue!

After Blairs babes and all that nonsense women have had to pull out the stops to be taken seriously in politics…why ruin it by adding sex appeal and taking the concentration away from the policies?

On the other hand what is wrong with dressing with more glamour and doing it to feel confident!? Theresa May is famous for her love of leopard print and kitten heel shoes, good on you girl, wear what shoes you want to, it shouldnt matter!

Shoes and clothes can be a sense of power for women all the world, the women in the cabinet are strong-minded, confident and feisty women, they should dress how they are comfortable and they way they want. End of.

Ms Portas was clearly out-of-order by referring to the ladies in the cabinet as a ‘ugly cabinet’ . . .Why should it matter! Is it not a good thing that these women are standard bearers and role models for children across the country who can aspire to be like them and they can do it through brains and convictions! All hail the women of the cabinet who do not care what other people think.

And surely someone who claims to know a thing or two about fashion and women would know not to insult them so badly, talk about stabbing a females ego…

Heres the article for you all to have a good read over –

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