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The racist (EDL) marches are banned!

August 28, 2011
English Defence League march in Newcastle

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The EDL (english defence league) claim to be ‘fed up and sick to the back teeth of Islamic Extremism in the UK,’ now I am white and I am ashamed that they call themselves the English defence league! One thing they seem to be forgetting is that Islamic Extremism is not the only extremism. Do they forget the IRA bombings on England?

Ok, so in recent years Islamic extremism has been in the media rather a lot and it is clear that a small majority of so called ‘muslims’ have lost their way, but WHAT DO THE EDL THINK THEY ARE GOING TO ACHIEVE?

Home secretary, Teresa May has banned EDL marches through London for the next 30 days, which following the recent riots is a smart move, nothing angers people more than racist thugs, hey, I might have even been forced to loot poundland.

On the EDL website they compare their rallies to those previously taken place at notting hill carnival…right, now lets all compare santa to hitler? Here is a link to the EDL website, if you fancy a laugh, take a read –

Earlier this year the EDL founder, Stephen Lennon was found guilty and was convicted with starting a brawl with football fans, now I would love to see Ed Miliband in a brawl!

Its clear that I dont think very much of the EDL and especially the way they go around ‘canvassing.’ They claim that they are always put in a bad light, what, 100 times over? In Bolton last year there was an EDL rally which turned violent and the whole town centre had to be shut down, busses and shops were attacked, and I was on a bus into the centre of it. . . Our bus driver told us all to ‘get down and cover our heads,’ It was a sunny saturday afternoon!

Teresa May was right to ban the marches, next step, strip them of their name! I am english and want to celebrate my country but I do not want to be represented by them!

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