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David Cameron Love Hate Campaign

August 11, 2011

A few days ago, Cameron was in Tuscany enjoying the sun. Now…David Cameron seems to be in the middle of a rather big mess.

Rioting across Britain has left many people wondering ‘how strong is Cameron?’ It seems that society is producing test after test for him – phone hacking scandal, backlash, euro zone crisis, will anything go right for Mr PM?

One thing which has to be noted is that this does all fit in with his idea of ‘the big society.’ Cameron claims that society has broken down and people need to come together and resolve differences  and help each other…

During the riots we saw the breakdown of society and after we saw communities come back together to rebuild themselves.

Looters in Manchester

Helpers in Manchester

The majority of people have been rejecting the big society idea, including myself, but from the pictures here we can clearly see that when society works together it works better. But on second thoughts, should there really be a need for a political force to encourage kindness and humanity?

Cameron may be feeling the pressure now, but there is some light at the end, if he can survive this and prove he is the strong leader Britain needs, he will have more backing than ever before.

Adding to backlash for Cameron, Boris Johnson is standing by his earlier decision to urge the government not to make cuts to the police force –

I am not a fan of Cameron, but he is showing promise as a leader (when he was finally in the country)…

So with 11 year olds being charged with criminal damage and three people dead from protecting a shop, what will Cameron have to say to the Commons today? And what will Miliband reply seeing as he has been shown to be quite the hero lately, calling for a judge led enquiry with phone hacking and visiting Manchester to reassure people the streets were safe before Cameron had even got his coat on.

Let the battle commence!
(Personally I think Miliband looks like a badger and Cameron a baby with a quiff. I’m backing the badger.)

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  1. mcneilio. permalink
    August 11, 2011 11:27 am

    It will be interesting to see how Cameron fares after these riots. In my opinion he and the Home Secretary made the correct decision in their response to the riots (eventually) and in showing restraint by ruling out the use of the military. However, I know that much of the country disagrees with that and would have liked to have seen a far tougher stance taken against the looters.

    On Miliband, he seems to have finally come into his element a bit. My hope is that he doesn’t take the easy option and blame these riots on the governments’ austerity measures, cutting EMA etc. as it will make him look too opportunistic. I still remember the cringeworthy moment at the TUC rally back in spring when he likended the civil rights movement to the anti-cuts protests… *shudder*…

    • August 11, 2011 11:33 am

      I agree completely, if Miliband now blames the government and the cuts it will another case of him ‘jumping on the band wagon.’ Also, no matter what the rioters say, it was not about cuts to benefits or the government, it was about being in control and being able to do what they like without regard for other people. Simple as.

      Many people have been calling for military intervention but I think its a waste of resources, police tactics have been working and the water cannon is always on hand, why make a bigger fuss then there needs to be.

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