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Cameron throws his dummy out because no-one likes his idea, poor baby!

August 5, 2011
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Almost every day now, no matter which newspaper or political website there are beware signs for the government about cuts!

Cuts in the health service.

Cuts in education.

Cuts in housing.

Cuts in town council budgets.

And today’s – Cuts to the armed forces.

Cuts are essential to bringing down any deficit, but it seems that the government as gotten ‘cut happy’! Yesterday I read two articles one where David Cameron was defending cuts to the education system saying that privatisation will allow it to grow and prosper and one where he said cuts to charity organisations was absurd.

Let me explain.

The government has cut budgets to town councils. They have to make cuts. Most have made a great deal of cuts from charity organisations including other sectors such as housing and the environment (everything really.) But charities have been hit significantly.

Town councils had a choice to make because of the cuts they were delivered by Cameron . . . They made lots of cuts from different areas, it just so happened to be that a fair few were from charities, well, I’d rather they were from charities than the fire service.

Do not get me wrong, charities across the world do excellent jobs and help many people, but so do many other vital institutions. Where exactly did the government think councils would deduct money from?!

Personally, I think Cameron is so hacked off about all of this because it just doesnt fit in with his ‘big society‘ idea . . .Anyone else getting sick and tired of hearing those depressing two words? (Holla if you are!)

I would have rather £100m was not cut from charities, but who would have wanted that to go from the NHS? Or education? Places were already enough money has been taken.

It was naive for Cameron to think that everyone would support his ‘big society’ and the policies he is now dragging behind it, but its completely barmy for him then to complain!

(My little rant over and I was supposed to publish this the day before yesterday but I got caught up doing other things, as is the way with life.)

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