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Carehome abuse revealed

July 28, 2011

A few weeks ago I watched a Panorama documentary which exposed the horror film like antics of a care home, Winterborne house, which has now been closed down.

Many of the images I sat through were upsetting and distressing, it was clear that this was a mistake an apology could not fix.
The carehomes are run by Castlebeck, who on the first page of their website claim this – ‘Our services understand disability and challenging behaviour. This can lead to positive outcomes for individuals with disabilities and their families.’

The BBC show revealed that at Winterborne house young adults with learning disorders were being thrown into cold showers and then left outside in the same clothes, repeatedly hit, slapped and taunted and to make the whole thing worse – used as a ‘play thing’ for the care workers there. The show showed that when the employees had nothing to do, they would wind up the occupants and make fun of them.

Before Panorama revealed this, the parents of the young people (who believed their children were getting the best care and attention possible) were left distraught with one couple deciding to bring their son home and sell their home to care for him.

Following all of this, the Care Quality commission (CQC) launched a formal investigation into all of Castlebecks care homes and hospitals, and what it found was equally disturbing.

The CQC cannot reveal details at this early stage, but it was said there are serious concerns about Arden Vale, near Coventry; Rose Villa, in Bristol; Croxton Lodge, Leics; and Cedar Vale, in Nottingham. A further seven homes are being investigated more deeply.

How could this have been allowed to happen?

Yes, there is an enquiry now, but even in the documentary it showed that a senior nurse had written to the management several times to try to inform them of the horror taking place, the books which report incidents had gaps and were hazy, it seems people were looking but simply not deciding to see.

What can the government do to ensure that this does not happen again? Is there any point of having inspectors on the inspectors, because where will it end?

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  1. July 28, 2011 1:52 pm

    Hearing about things like this makes me sick. How could people allow this to happen, much less actually do those horrible things? I simply cannot fathom the reason behind during these things and refuse to see how people could even consider doing it.
    It is sickening; there’s no other way to call it.

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