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Norway hit by twin terror attacks

July 22, 2011

On top of everything going on at the moment from News International to a debt ceiling there was little room for anything else to happen and then in one of the calmest, most almost naive parts of Europe – Norway is hit by twin terror attacks.

A bomb blast has hit the capital, Oslo, partly damaging government offices. It is believed that at least seven people are so far confirmed as dead.

The second attack was a shooting at a Labour party youth camp where it is alleged that a man wearing a police uniform opened fire. At least more than ten people have died inside at the camp.

So far no group has come forward to say that they are the masterminds behind this attacks however, there is not yet certainty whether this was a terrorist attack or not.

But it does beg the question – why Norway?

True, they are part of Nato, but not untill recently have they been involved with missions such as Afghanistan and Libya.

Norwegians have been known for having an incredibly open society which many people would call naive – their royal family roams around with sometimes no protection and post is put in unlocked post boxes outside houses! This care free attitude has evidently worked for Norway so far but it seems it no longer will.

Whoever carried out these attacks which are highly likely to be linked will have a motive, its only a matter of time before we find out what it is.

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