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Dear world, Please sort it out!

July 21, 2011

The world is a mess. There is Greece, who are holding on by their very teeth, just been granted a 12bn loan. AND then there are Eastern countries like Somalia who need aid and food and they need it now! Places like Libya are still being ruled by egotistical idiots and America has just got itself into a bit of bother with a debt ceiling. What next, a group of ‘Neo-Nazis‘ worshipping a grave or maybe fake apple stores being found in China…oh wait that did happen..

To top this all off Rupert Murdoch’s face is everywhere (nothing new) and he is playing the villain in all of this brilliantly with Rebekah Brookes taking a great deal of the punishment at the moment – with her long ginger locks which to put frankly, she needs to cut.

Obviously, in Britain the News of the World sage, thing, crisis, whatever has made everyone here think it is the end of the world!
MP’s have taken full advantage and are burying bad news the way true politicians do and who best to comment on the Euro zone than the UK’s very own chancellor – George Osborne, professional in sorting out debt and helping the working class (one minute while I cough up my guts.) His unique take on this was ‘get a grip’…followed by ‘We see the potential for a set of economic events that could be as damaging as 2008,’ REALLY WHAT GAVE YOU THAT IDEA!

It is very easy for someone to stand back and watch and say ooo you need to sort that out, but when its the Chancellor of a country in the European Union, maybe its just me, but I expected more.

Former Chancellor Alistair Darling commented saying, ‘This is going to have a real impact … and I do think our government ought to have been playing a more active role in encouraging our partners in Europe to sort this problem out.’
Thankyou Alistair.

I keep hearing the question ‘why should we help them,’ WHAT!!? Ok, so the UK is having a few economic problems (which hasn’t been helped by the lack of trust in the police, politicians, lawyers, defence, education, I could go on but you get the point) but lets face it, we are not under the thumb of Al Qaeda, we are allowed as many children as we want, there are benefits to help people, health care is mostly free and at least there is a pension!

The BBC website said, ‘While not contributing to euro zone bail-outs of Greece and Portugal, the government has stressed that a stable euro zone is in the UK’s interest – as 40% of the UK’s trade is with Europe.’ To me that says HELP THEM BEFORE IT BREAKS US TO but I guess to Mr Osborne that’s an invite to sit on his very expensive couch and enjoy wine and caviar while commenting on the Euro Zone ‘get a grip’! NO you get a grip Osborne. Your government is currently under pressure, we know, the PrimeMinister is facing raised eyebrows, we know and people are starting to like Ed Miliband. Oh where did it all go wrong for you…I feel so sorry for you…

I do not have the solution to all the worlds problems but I am sure there are people who think they do (they dont) but surely, one thing is for certain – when times are bad people come together, they help.

People are starving every day, people are being sold every minute and  people are dying every second, BUT HEY dont worry Osborne is on the case with his words and his briefcase…

World, if you are reading this, be kind, be forgiving and please dont give up on countries, it’s not fair to only want them when they are of use to you!

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  1. July 22, 2011 1:54 pm

    I lioke the thoughts…the problem is they will not do much good sorting things out….too much cash available the way it is…..and thanx for visiting Info Ink….

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