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Beware of the Sun

July 17, 2011

In the summer where ever you look there are warnings about protecting your skin from skin cancer, right?

Then how is it that in schools today there are children going home – burnt, in pain . . .

There have been proposals to make ‘sun safety’ mandatory and rightly so!
The call comes as parents of a 10-year-old girl who attends a school near Swansea complained their daughter had suffered severe sunburn at a sports day.

The local primary school near mine has also issued a warning saying that before school parents must put sun cream on their children, however, they are not allowed to give them sun cream to take in with them because one teacher cannot be responsible for  administrating cream to twenty-eight pupils (Never mind safeguarding from abuse cases). But what about children who can put it on themselves?  I am sure there are many eight year olds who understand that sun cream is something you put on, not eat.

Rightly so there should be some kind of policy which makes schools put on a sun safeguarding tutorial teaching children about the importance of protecting their skin, staying in the shade and wearing sun hats; but I guess the government are too busy with the phone hacking scandal to acknowledge children are at a higher risk of inducing skin cancer than adults because their skin is the most sensitive.

I heard a mother say the other day ‘its up to the parents to put cream on their child in the morning, then they will be fine,’ I have a few problems with this statement. One – sun cream can fade throughout the day or be rubbed off and secondly, what about the children who’s parents (to put it nicely) do not give them the care they are supposed to.

Primary schools are here to give everyone an equal start, does health not come contribute to that sentence?

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