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Bury the bad news, its fine, no-one will notice!

July 12, 2011

In this hurricane of news international, Rupert Murdoch and Gordon Brown crying, it’s no wonder that many MP’s and newspapers are now focusing their attention on this to bring people up to date accusations. However, a MASSIVE problem with this is that other government policies which Cameron is trying to pass are being overlooked by the public because they are not making headlines as they normally would.

For example the ‘Big Society‘ idea in yesterdays white paper for the public services bill. David Cameron believes that power should be given to the people with plans for private and voluntary organisations to be able to bid to run every part of public service except national security, frontline policing and the judiciary.

Unionists have opposed the pushing through of the bill insisting it must wait as currently there is little faith in the media, police and politicians, and this bill could cause mass outrage in different towns across the country in what is known as a ‘postcode lottery.’

Parish Councils will have the authority to ban strip clubs and even pubs and residents could be handed the budget to run libraries and parks. . .Protest anyone?

Bolton Council needs to slash £60million from its overall budget in the next two years, so the bright idea from councillors is to close libraries. After a mass petition from locals and great campaigning, many are still being closed in underprivileged areas such as Tongue Moore and Halliwell. The places that need  libraries most!

So yes, lets give these areas where people need to be helped before they can help themselves the means to run the places that many of the residents see as for old people or useless…

There were reasons why councils were created Mr Cameron – not everywhere can be governed from Westminster, different places have different needs and its up to the councils to study and provide for the needs of EVERYBODY in that area, not just the people who support them.

Cameron’s big society idea should be called big business idea – The public do not want to be running their own services; a small matter of earning a living, raising a family, etc. And the private sector is only interested in profit! Quote from here

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  1. July 12, 2011 6:49 pm

    Great blog.
    I never knew Bolton council are in that much debt but it doest suprise me that they constantly make stupid desicions like closing librarys in order to deal with it!


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