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Ex Tory peer jailed over expenses fraud

May 31, 2011

The expenses scandel is now no secret and with more and more cases and stories of the fraud each week we are left to wonder when this will all end!

It seems like finally, the courts are working in the interest of the British people – former Labour MP Jim Devine was given a 16-month term after pleading not guilty. His fellow former Labour members Eric Illsley, David Chaytor and Elliot Morley all pleaded guilty and were jailed for 12, 18 and 16 months respectively.

Illsley and Chaytor have already been released from jail after serving less than a third of their sentences although they have been tagged and subject to home detention curfews.

Lord Hanningfield, another former Conservative peer, was convicted last week and is awaiting sentence.

Former conservative peer, Lord Taylor of Warwick has been jailed for 12 months for falsy claiming £11,277 of the taxpayers money. Though he claims that his crime was not as bad as those of the Commons because he is not representative of the people, he was appointed as a peer and given that trust to do what was right in the publics interest and this clearly was not!

To make his case worse he is a radio presenter and is a role model to many young people through this and the fact that he was Britains first Black Conservative Peer, is this the example he wants to give?

Lord Taylor, now in jail is apparently now showing remorse and finally admitting that what he did was wrong.
Too little too late is what the public have responded with.


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