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Constitutional matters

May 15, 2011

There are reasons behind everything in politics, from why the House of Commons is laid out the way it is to why David Cameron wants people to call him Dave…
In America there is the written constitution and everybody knows their rights, some people even carry a book of them around with them!
But in Britain, this does not exist. This does not mean that people just do as they please, there are rules and many of the ‘constitutional’ matters are written in the human rights act and are split across different acts.
One of the main reasons that there has not been a written constitution wrote up is that it would take a hell of a long time to get everyone to agree on the rules, the wording and everything like this!
Most political parties in Britain want a move towards a written constitution so people know their rights and their liberties, but why is it taking so long?
What is the reason for this?
It works in many other countries… it would work here. It is not drastic, it’s just a small book of basic rules.
Come on England, keep up with the rest of the world!

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