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What’s next for the Liberal Democrats?

May 11, 2011

It’s no secret that the Liberal Democrats in Britain have themselves into a bit of trouble, though they would say it was political manoeuvering. After losing the AV referendum, it seems that Nick Clegg is trying to salvage some of his dignity by claiming he will ensure the NHS reforms are the right ones, but all is not well for Clegg, who seems to be acting as the head of a constantly decreasing political party and the scape goat for all of Cameron’s plans. He is constantly having to claim that the Libdems are influencing the tori’s policies and in certain aspects they seem to be.
Due to the coalition the conservative party can no longer rebuke the law that bans fox-hunting. And not much more than that…
In an interview today, the anniversary of the coalition, Clegg said that the coalition is stable and working in unison.
The deputy prime minister has been under pressure from Lib Dem activists to wield more clout in government after the party suffered its worst performance in council elections in England for 20 years and amid complaints the party had become a “human shield” for unpopular coalition decisions.

So what should Nick Clegg do?
It is clear that the LibDems popularity in the polls with the electorate will decrease, however, it not for sure what will happen next.
Does Nick Clegg resign as leader? If he did, it would open up a can of worms because it would have meant the LibDems would need a new leader and it is very likely that person could be anti-tori. It would also end his political career instantly because it would indicate he made a mistake.
Do the Conservatives ‘bump off’ the LibDems as they did surprisingly better in the local elections than initially thought can there is a chance they could command the House of Commons with a minority government or most likely they would call a general election.
And if the LibDems decide to leave the coalition now…what was the point in going into it!

Will Nick Clegg end up working at Macdonald’s or will he become future PM?

The LibDems are a bit of a lost cause now,it seems to remote an idea that they could win back all the seats they lost and enough to win a majority. The most likely option i believe is that when they leave government, they will need to do a manifesto overhaul and return to their grass-roots, (if they have any left!) from there they can build up from the bottom as they did before as it clear that the LibDems are taking the flack for all of Cameron’s decisions and its starting to become a bit too repetitive.

Illustration by Daniel Lambert.

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