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AV Referendum

May 5, 2011

It is widely known that today, the 5th May marks an impressive change in British Politics in the past 100 years. The AV referendum is greatly important as this is the only alternative suggested in a long, long time.
But it is the right change?
It is fact that the current system (First past the post) is heavily biased and does not represent that of the British public in the House of Commons however is AV any better?
Long gone are the days when the English can do things simply, and what we have created is a society not based on values, but clutching at the values which we wish to posses. We look to other great nations like Australia and America and we think we are superior. Our ability to over complicate issues and confuse the electorate is truly remarkable to a point where the simple basics of democracy are overlooked.

What would be so wrong about have an electoral system where 1 vote counted as 1 vote. Not percentages for each constituency, simply 1 for 1. For example, if the Liberal Democrats won 20% of the general election votes, they win 20% of the seats in the Commons. However, the great factor preventing this is that the two major parties (conservative/labour) would lose out on a great deal of their seats.

The AV Referendum is a step forward, simply the fact another option is being considered is a milestone!
But is it the right one?

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